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Zoznam produktov výrobcu / značky: OBSIDIAN control systems

Refined by Passion: Obsidian Control Systems combines over 25 years of experience developing professional entertainment lighting control solutions for automated and theatrical lighting fixtures.

Our Pillars are:

  • Made by Professionals - Lighting control software and hardware designed for professionals to excel at the highest level

  • High Value - Leading technology and design made accessible by providing affordable solutions

  • Intuitive - Our products are easy to use - Whether you’re an experienced director at the highest level, or a programmer still honing your craft, Obsidian creates products with you in mind.

The legacy of the core development team goes all the way back to 1992 with the award winning CASE control console series, the MAXXYZ control console, Eureka and Maxedia Media Servers, M-Series / M-PC platform to now the dawn of a new evolution of lighting control systems. Our products are designed and maintained by lighting professionals offering a wide range of lighting controllers, including excellent entry level options. Users can speak directly to our innovative team with feedback and concerns because we make our products with the user in mind.

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