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Real-Time Show Control

Christie Pandoras Box Manager

Ovládanie siete zloženej zo serverov, playerov, compact playerov s software playerov z jediného miesta. Tiež umožňuje distribúciu a menežment súborov - zdrojov multimediálneho obsahu priamo do prvkov siete z jediného miesta.

Direct. Intuitive. Fast.

The Christie® Pandoras Box Manager re-defines real-time editing and playback control. This software allows synchronization and remote control of all Pandoras Box media playback products via network. 

The built-in sequences with its cue and key-frame based timeline interface enables you to control Pandoras Box Servers, Players as well as interfacing with all kinds of external controllers via TCP/IP, Serial RS-232/422, SMPTE, DMX, Art-Net, analog and digital industrial sensors. Pandoras Box Manager acts as both a remote file manager and a master, synchronizing any connected client system with sub-frame accuracy for demanding applications. 

Similar to standard compositing and non-linear editing software solutions, the project orientated user interface is quick and easy to learn. All Pandoras Box systems share a unique user interface that allows a fast configuration and programming workflow. The interface is context-sensitive and optimized for live applications. 

The system is open for multiple input protocols and offers an easy and direct access to all controls. Individual view layouts allow you to arrange the interface according to your needs by creating new tabs and views that can be stored and recalled on the fly. 

Venue Sites

With Venue Sites, users can navigate through scenes and pre-visualize the final result before any hardware is installed. This results in efficient and productive collaboration while reducing significant costs and time by enabling the pre-programming of complete shows before the physical setup begins. 

Audio/Video Export & Recording 

The video export offers users to greatly improve their workflow and export entire scenes into high-resolution video contents while having the flexibility of a real-time editing system. Combined with Venue Sites this feature unleashes the power for design and delivering your idea to the customer. Live video inputs can be recorded and captured from any source up to 2K/HD for further use within Christie Pandoras Box.

Multi-User Control 

Using separate Pandoras Box Managers, multiple users can gain access to all Servers and Players simultaneously. Timeline programming can be done at the same time as warping and content encoding. Workflows can be optimized as changes happen simultaneously.

Tracking Backup 

When running a setup with multiple Managers, changes to the programming can be synchronized across all interfaces. Other Managers can then fluently take over the system within a backup situation. 


Previewing multiple outputs next to each other in Multi-View offers the possibility to keep track of important displays during a show at a glance. Displaying the fully editable preview in fullscreen helps while warping and for a better overview. Combining the Tracking Backup functionality with Multi-View lets the operator create a remote, fullscreen preview display in order to offload the rendering task from the local Manager.

Key Features:

  • 8x Timelines
  • 16x Multi-Channel ASIO Tracks
  • 4K Video Export & Recording
  • ASIO Multi-Channel Audio Sync
  • Non-linear Timeline Editing
  • DMX / Art-Net / MA-NET / SACN / CITP
  • MIDI / Midi Showcontrol MSC
  • LTC SMPTE Timecode I/O
  • Integrated Media-Encoder
  • Video Splitting

The Manager is a powerful multi-purpose show-control system that can be used for projects in a large variety of markets including (but not limited to) the event-, theater- broadcast-, touring- and/or installation sector.

Fader Boards:


For intuitive live editing, the Pandoras Box Manager can be extended with an external Jog Shuttle Controller and an additional Fader Board to control up to 8 timelines simultaneously.

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