(51200 zar/51200DMX) Vari*Lite NEO X15 - 100U

Vari*Lite NEO X15

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Vari*Lite NEO X15 :

  • ovládanie 51200 zariadení (10U)
  • nelimitovaný počet show/nálad/skupín/paliet/efektov/makro
  • max. 51.200 DMX out (2 out + 1in porty na pulte) + Artnet/Shownet 
  • 5 x enkodéry
  • 18x 10mm motorizovaných multifunkčných fejdrov
  • 2 x externý monitor (HDMI/VESA/DVI)
  • LCD informačné displeje 
  • numerická klávesnica
  • kód: 54101-004

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na objednávku

32 398,80 € s DPH

26 999,00 € bez DPH

Špičkový svetelnoregulačný pult od renomovaného výrobcu Vari*Lite zastrešujúceho aj značku Strand Lighting.

Určený pre najnáročnejšie profesionálne aplikácie.

 Vhodný pre na ovládanie akýchkoľvek DMX ovládaných show a divadelných zariadení (klasických aj inteligentných reflektorov, stmievačov, hláv, projektorov, dymostrojov atď). 

Práca špičkovéo svetelného dizajnéra sa vďaka nemu stane neuveriteľne jednoduchšia a intuitívna.


Vari*Lite Neo X15

code : 54101-004

The X15 is Vari-Lite’s flagship, high-performance lighting console designed for large facilities that host multiple types of events, such as houses of worship; studios; concert halls and multipurpose venues; stadiums and arenas; performing arts centers; and more. Leveraging over 150 years of combined experience in entertainment lighting control and running the mature Neo platform, the X15 console offers a feature-rich, customizable platform that is perfect for both theatrical and live event lighting.

Neo software helps designers find the perfect look in less time by including an advanced effects engine that supports pixel mapping, media playback, timelines, and more.  When using the X15 along with audio and video systems, the onboard audio I/O connectivity along with SMTPE timecode and MIDI control make it easy to integrate your lighting cues with sound effects, videos, and more.

The powerful X15 lighting console is designed for flexibility, offering 15 multifunctional motorized playbacks and backlit encoders, and can output over 50,000 channels out of the box. The intuitive hardware layout includes two built-in monitors and a soft touch control screen. Both the X5 and X15 offer a sleek, streamlined experience, with a powerful processor and premium components, including backlit Cherry keys, Bourne faders, and Neutrik connectors. The all-in-one hardware is rugged and hardwearing, and can travel anywhere you need it, whether that’s around the theatre or around the world.

The X15 is backed by a robust training and support system, with onboard training videos, global tech support, online forums and groups, and an interactive manual.

• Streamlined layout, and 5 multifunctional motorized playbacks with backlit encoders – adaptable interface that makes it easier to get things done quickly.

• Runs Neo software – powerful, mature software platform designed for both theatrical and live event lighting.

• Advanced effects engine with chases, timeline and waveform effects, pixel mapping and more – get the perfect look in less time.

• Integrated touchscreen – all-in-one console that can go wherever you need.

• Soft touch control screen – 7” touch screen next to the keypad, for quick adjustment to features such as framing shutters, gobo selection, color control, pan/tilt, etc.

• Rugged metal chassis with powerful processor, backlit Cherry keys, Bourns faders, and Neutrik connectors – premium hardware that’s built to last.

• 100 DMX universes – create any size show without purchasing universe upgrades.

• Strong CITP visualizer protocol support – simplified integration with industry-leading Capture software and other visualization platforms using CITP.

• Connect third-party UPS over USB and display info on screen – view UPS info in your console while reducing shipping costs. Works with most major UPS manufacturers.

• Backlit keys and optional gooseneck light – view notes easier in the dark.

• Support for ZerOS Wing for additional faders – add more faders when live busking.

+ extra (not in X5):

• Audio support with 2 XLR out, 1 XLR in, headphone jack, SMPTE, and MIDI control – sync your lighting with the audio in your space

• Integrated book lighting 

• Keyboard drawer  - for faster setup and programming 

Electrical :

Operating Voltage - 100-240VAC

Power Input - 1x Neutrik PowerCON TRUE1

12V Outputs (optional gooseneck lights) - 1x Neutrik 3-pin XLR

Data :

Included license - 100x Universes (51,200 Channels)

DMX Out - 4x Neutrik 5-pin XLR

DMX In - 1x Neutrik 5-pin XLR

MIDI - In/Out/Thru

SMPTE - In/Out

Display Outputs - 2x DisplayPort (4K UHD)

Audio - 3x Neutrik 3-pin XLR (Balanced L/R out, Mono in) + 1x 3.5 mm (1⁄8”) headphone / mic combo mini jack

Gigabit Ethernet - 2x Neutrik etherCON

USB 3.2 - 3x USB-C + 2x USB Type-A

USB 2.0 - 2x USB Type-A

Connectivity :

Protocols = DMX512 + RDM + Streaming ACN (E1.31) + Art-Net + CITP + OSC (Bidirectional) + Generic RS232 + Contact closures (unlimited via network and USB)  + Vision.Net (Bidirectional) + KiNet + Shownet + ChilliNet + iCAN + Pathport + Enttec DMX USB + MIDI Notes, Control Change, MSC, MTC, MC (Bidirectional) + SMPTE (Bidirectional)

Files = USITT ASCII Showfiles + GDTF

Other = Web Server and mySQL polling + iOS & Android app (incl. Interface Builder and note taking) + DMX Recorder and playback + Tracking palettes (live values mapped to incoming data stream)

Capacity :

  • 1,000,000 Cues
  • 10,000+ Cue Lists
  • 10,000+ Submasters
  • 60,000+ Palettes (Intensity, Position, Color, Beam, Edge and Presets)
  • Custom Palette types
  • 10,000+ Groups
  • 10,000+ Effects
  • 10,000+ Macros
  • 10,000+ Snapshots
  • Customisable Curve Profiles
  • Customisable Color and Position Paths
  • 1,000,000 Cue notes
  • Up to 10 remote sessions
  • 100 discrete audio (frequency) triggers

Software Key Features :

  • Full tracking and optional non tracking
  • Tabbed Magic Sheets
  • 7 powerful effect (FX) engines
  • Pixel Mapping (static images, videos or live input)
  • Pixel animator
  • Visual timecode editor (for auto cue timings)
  • Video playback (incl. cross fading)
  • Internal timecode (from media) and timecode generator
  • AI Command Line prediction
  • Smart encoder helper tools
  • Partitioning and multi user
  • Offline mobile patch tool
  • Dedicated task schedular

User interfaces :

  • Internal touchscreens 2x 15.6” (Full HD, Anti-Glare), 1x 7”
  • External touchscreens 2x 4K UHD (optional)
  • Faders 18x 100mm Motorized Bourns Faders (100 pages)
  • Syntax keys 112x Cherry MX Keys
  • Encoders 5x Attribute, 1x Intensity, 15x playback, 2x user definable

Physical :

  • Color Black & Dark Grey
  • Operating temperature 0–40°C (32-104°F)
  • Storage temperature 0–35°C (32-95°F)
  • Humidity 0–95% non-condensing
  • Dimensions 218 x 1000 x 675 mm (8.6 x 39.4 x 26.6 in)
  • Weight 43.9 kg (96.8 lb)



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(51200 zar/51200DMX) Vari*Lite NEO X15 - 100U

(51200 zar/51200DMX) Vari*Lite NEO X15 - 100U

Vari*Lite NEO X15 :

  • ovládanie 51200 zariadení (10U)
  • nelimitovaný počet show/nálad/skupín/paliet/efektov/makro
  • max. 51.200 DMX out (2 out + 1in porty na pulte) + Artnet/Shownet 
  • 5 x enkodéry
  • 18x 10mm motorizovaných multifunkčných fejdrov
  • 2 x externý monitor (HDMI/VESA/DVI)
  • LCD informačné displeje 
  • numerická klávesnica
  • kód: 54101-004

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